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Push your limits and go well off the beaten path on an expedition with Epic Odysseys.  Walk amongst penguins beneath icy peaks in Antarctica.  Track polar bears under the midnight sun in Arctic Greenland.  Retrace the voyage of Charles Darwin in the Galapagos. It's easier than you think.

Is high altitude mountaineering is on your to do list? Epic Odysseys can help. From courses teaching the basics, to expeditions up the Seven Summits, we can match you with the best guides to make it happen.

If you aren't quite ready to for extreme summits, trekking is a wonderful alternative. Traversing the Himalayas on foot with the convenience of porters and comfortable accommodations will be a once in a lifetime experience.  Trekking through the Andes to Maccu Picchu will allow you to approach the citadel just as the Incas did centuries ago.


Combine a classic safari through Kenya and Tanzania with climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.  Ascending Africa's highest peak to almost 20,000 feet is realistic for anyone in good physical condition. No technical experience necessary!  

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