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Passport Fees Going Up in April

If you have been putting off applying for your US passport, the time is now. On February first, the State Department announced a ten dollar increase to the Execution Fee, from $25 to $35, effective April 2, 2018. The Execution Fee is in addition to the standard Application Fee ($110 for adults) and applies to adults and children seeking new passports as well as those looking to replace a lost or stolen document. This price hike applies to both the universally accepted passport book and the passport card, which works only for land or sea border crossings in Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, and the Caribbean. The Execution Fee does not affect adults eligible to renew their passports by mail.

At Epic Odysseys, we always recommend our clients keep a current passport book. This allows you the flexibility of traveling abroad worldwide by land, sea, or air. You never know when the opportunity to see the world might com up!



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